- April 22, 2023
The Pantheon Residence


Our team of award-winning designers and architects have created exceptional living spaces that combine quality, elegance and privacy. Our modern and contemporary apartments are designed to offer you an incomparable living experience. The Residence consists of two 02 Blocks in R + 4 including very High Standing apartments of type S + 1, S + 2, S + 3, as well as duplex Villas with optimized plans and enjoying garden terraces and private swimming pools . Parking spaces and private cellars are available in the basement. We have selected the best materials, equipment and finishes for you.

The Cappa

Smart Home
Smart apartments par excellence thanks to smart home technology

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S+1 Apartments

S+2 Apartments

S+3 Apartments

Pool with hot tub


Smart Home

Exceptional location

Basement car park

Comfort and safety


In order to guarantee you unparalleled comfort and durability. Our apartments have been designed to meet the needs of modern life while offering a high-end and refined living environment. Our living spaces are spacious and bright thanks to large bay windows offering great natural light, while being protected from noise thanks to the injected double glazing system; In addition, special attention is given to details and finishes.


Our residence also offers a multitude of exclusive facilities intended to offer you incomparable living comfort: A swimming pool with Jacuzzi and a gym available to residents. A luxury residence designed as a luxurious and modern setting

Comfort & safety


Residence the pantheon benefits from an exceptional location, located in one of the most popular areas of the city, it has direct access to the road to La Marsa. Ten minutes from the city center and La Marsa, and close to the Berges du Lac and the airport.
DesignationTypeArea (m²)FloorBlockGarden (m²)Terrasse (m²)AvailabilityPlan
A0-1Duplex S+3217Ground FloorA48--VenduDownload
A0-2Duplex S+2152Ground FloorA47--AvailableDownload
A0-3Duplex S+3230Ground FloorA76--VenduDownload
A0-4Duplex S+3217Ground FloorA75--AvailableDownload
A0-5Duplex S+2152Ground FloorA44--AvailableDownload
A0-6Duplex S+3170Ground FloorA130--AvailableDownload
A0-7Duplex S+2124Ground FloorA40--VenduDownload
A0-8Duplex S+2160Ground FloorA44--AvailableDownload
B0-1Duplex S+3210Ground FloorB61--VenduDownload
B0-2Duplex S+2159Ground FloorB73--AvailableDownload
B0-3Duplex S+3221Ground FloorB77--VenduDownload
B0-4Duplex S+3217Ground FloorB76--AvailableDownload
B0-5Duplex S+2143Ground FloorB73--AvailableDownload
B0-6Duplex S+3179Ground FloorB139--AvailableDownload
B0-7Duplex S+2105Ground FloorB33--VenduDownload
B0-8Duplex S+2105Ground FloorB33--VenduDownload
B0-9Duplex S+3179Ground FloorB95--AvailableDownload
A1-1S+1651st floorA----AvailableDownload
A1-2S+31351st floorA----AvailableDownload
A1-3S+21231st floorA----AvailableDownload
A1-4S+21411st floorA----AvailableDownload
A1-5S+21381st floorA----AvailableDownload
A1-6S+31631st floorA----AvailableDownload
A1-7S+21341st floorA----AvailableDownload
B1-1S+2991st floorB----VenduDownload
B1-2S+21201st floorB----AvailableDownload
B1-3S+21231st floorB----AvailableDownload
B1-4S+21411st floorB----AvailableDownload
B1-5S+21401st floorB----AvailableDownload
B1-6S+31651st floorB----AvailableDownload
B1-7S+31641st floorB----AvailableDownload
A2-1S+1652nd floorA----AvailableDownload
A2-2S+31352nd floorA----AvailableDownload
A2-3S+21232nd floorA----AvailableDownload
A2-4S+21412nd floorA----AvailableDownload
A2-5S+21382nd floorA----AvailableDownload
A2-6S+31632nd floorA----VenduDownload
A2-7S+21342nd floorA----VenduDownload
B2-1S+2992nd floorB----VenduDownload
B2-2S+21202nd floorB----VenduDownload
B2-3S+21232nd floorB----AvailableDownload
B2-4S+21412nd floorB----AvailableDownload
B2-5S+21402nd floorB----AvailableDownload
B2-6S+31652nd floorB----AvailableDownload
B2-7S+31642nd floorB----AvailableDownload
A3-1S+1653rd floorA----AvailableDownload
A3-2S+21233rd floorA--8VenduDownload
A3-3S+21133rd floorA--8VenduDownload
A3-4S+21413rd floorA----AvailableDownload
A3-5S+21383rd floorA----VenduDownload
A3-6S+31763rd floorA--15VenduDownload
A3-7S+1803rd floorA--25AvailableDownload
B3-1S+2993rd floorB----VenduDownload
B3-2S+21203rd floorB----VenduDownload
B3-3S+21233rd floorB----VenduDownload
B3-4S+21413rd floorB----AvailableDownload
B3-5S+21403rd floorB----AvailableDownload
B3-6S+31653rd floorB----AvailableDownload
B3-7S+31643rd floorB----AvailableDownload
A4-1S+1654th floorA----AvailableDownload
A4-2S+21234th floorA----AvailableDownload
A4-3S+21134th floorA----VenduDownload
A4-4S+21414th floorA----AvailableDownload
A4-5S+21384th floorA----VenduDownload
A4-6S+31764th floorA----VenduDownload
A4-7S+2804th floorA----AvailableDownload
B4-1S+2994th floorB----VenduDownload
B4-2S+21204th floorB----AvailableDownload
B4-3S+21234th floorB----AvailableDownload
B4-4S+21414th floorB----VenduDownload
B4-5S+21404th floorB----VenduDownload
B4-6S+31654th floorB----AvailableDownload
B4-7S+31644th floorB----AvailableDownload